WomanUp Retreat October 24th - 27th 2019 Santa Cruz, Ca

WomanUp Retreat October 24th - 27th 2019 Santa Cruz, Ca


Solo-Vacay, Momcation, Girl's Trip, or a Find Yourself Journey... Whatever you want to call it, here is your permission to book your boutique WomanUp Retreat.

Indulge + Recharge + Connect 


Women carry a lot of bullshit and responsibility on their shoulders and at times the weight of the world can become too much to maintain a healthy balance in life and it’s at that point that we need to take some time for ourselves, step back and just stop.

Stop the everyday hustle.

Put the brakes on the busyness and rushing from one obligation to another.

Silence your internal voice, who has been getting pretty damn comfortable pointing out all your flaws and weaknesses. 


It's not always easy to create that pause, that opportunity to recharge on your own, and let's be honest, you don't have the energy to figure out the important details to make the whole experience worth it! (Like, what's for dinner. You know damn well that you would be eating saltines and peanut butter if you were left in charge of booking this trip.)

My goal, for hosting WomanUp Retreats, is to create a sanctuary for you to arrive at where you don't have to think of anything other than what your body + soul needs in that present moment.

You are invited to show up freed from your inhibitions, judgments, and expectations, giving yourself permission to become vulnerable, and allowing yourself to be open to receiving during your retreat from the chaos and noise of your daily grind. 

There are 5 Life Areas, that when they are balanced create harmony and flow, and I am going to get you so friggin' balanced that you'll be flowing with effortless ease!

Body + Wellness 

Creativity + Learning

Essence + Spirituality 

Livelihood + Lifestyle

Relationship + Society

We'll spend an entire day focused on these 5 Life Areas and why Core Desired Feelings (CDF's) are the motivation that propels you towards your Big Dream Goals. And of course, in that process of understanding the power of CDF's, you will be doing guided exercises and self-reflection to connect to your own Core Desired Feelings.

I can only take so much journaling and self-discovery before my eyes glaze over and I reach my 'processing' threshold.

  • That's why there will be wine! And we are not going to be simply drinking wine, we will be tasting, and experiencing, and learning about wine straight from a professional! We so fancy. 

  • And crafts! Have you ever wanted to create your own magnificent, magical succulent garden? Or how about connecting with your inner Creative and painting rocks with vibrant colors and empowering mantras?! You're welcome.

  • Manifestation Boards are totally my jam and I can't wait to share my experiences and knowledge with you! I will provide you with everything you need to take the vision of your future that swirls around in your heart and your mind and turn it into a manifestation through collages and journaling.  

  • And of course, free time to explore the redwoods, or the beaches, or book a massage, or attend a yoga class, or take a nap in a secluded cove.  

A WomanUp Retreat is all about restoring balance.


WomanUp Retreat Schedule:

Thursday October 24th

Arrive between 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Tonight is all about getting to know the posse of badass women who you will be spending the weekend supporting and being supported by!

We’ll hangout drinking wine, eating cheese and tapping into the collective energy of transition, transformation, and trust that will be the foundation of our time together.

Art is healing. Getting your hands in dirt is grounding. Creativity is food for your Soul.

You can’t throw a successful retreat without crafts! (I don’t know. Maybe you can? But why would you want to?!)


As women we need to connect to Mother Earth, grounding ourselves in the energy that she provides for us. What better way to connect with that energy than getting our hands in some dirt! You’ll create your own succulent garden where you’ll plant the seeds of your dreams and goals alongside an eclectic collection of succulents. Add painted rocks that you personalize with empowering mantras and prayers and images and colors. All supplies will be provided, but you are welcome to bring a planter or terrarium if you have a specific one you have been wanting to plant.

Friday October 25th

After your morning breakfast + coffee you’ll have time to journal using guided prompts to help you set your intentions for the day.

The afternoon is yours to do as you wish! Fill your self-care tank with a massage or beauty treatment in Felton, or stroll through downtown Santa Cruz window shopping and people watching, or take yourself out to a local restaurant for lunch or join your new friends on a hike through the redwoods hiding your painted rocks from the night before.

We will all meet back at the house where we will have an early dinner followed by an evening of blind wine tasting + education!

Knowledge is power and wine tastes fancier when you are sipping it while listening to a professional Wine-o teach you the difference between a $20 bottle of wine and a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck (is there even a difference?!), and how to differentiate between a Cab and a Merlot or a Chardonnay and a Riesling. What are tannins, and legs, and what’s the point of spitting during a tasting? (Seriously. What is the point?!) Everyone is encouraged to bring a bottle of wine to add to the blind tasting collection. You can bring your favorite varietal, choose a bottle with a label that you fell in love with, or grab that bottle that your boss gave you for Administrative Professional Day! Price does not determine a yummy wine (HELLO! Have you tried some of Trader Joe’s $6 bottles?!) and if you are traveling from a distance or flying in, you can grab a bottle while you are out for the afternoon.

Manifesting and collaging is so much more effective + fun when wine is involved!

Now that your worries and cares have been left in spit buckets, you are ready to start manifesting! Manifesting is really just goal setting + a growth mindset + daily affirmations.  Create one board focused on your overall vision, or make separate boards specific to each goal you have. There are some basic guidelines that I will teach you to create a manifestation board infused with action and intention, but this practice is meant to allow your creativity to flow and your intuition to shine.

You are welcome to bring any magazines that you would like, especially if you have very specific goals and you have images to support those goals, but everything will be provided for you to create your own manifestation board(s).

Saturday October 26th


Enough with the fun. It’s time to get down to business. Just kidding. We’re still gonna’ have fun, but we are going to be doing the soul-work that you have been avoiding (or maybe didn’t even know needed to be done). This is the day we start talking the talk and walking the walk. I’ll introduce you to the Desire Map Theory and have you check your Gratitude by asking you what is and isn’t working for you in your 5 Life Areas. You’re going to spend a couple of hours with yourself, asking yourself, ‘How do I want to feel?’ and then you are going to take a step back and analyze those feelings, eventually settling on your 3-5 Core Desired Feelings (CDF’s). It’s going to be a heavy day for you if you are committed to standing in your vulnerability and doing some deep, personal work, but I promise you it will be a journey worth taking and you will come out of it with a surge of energy from declaring your CDF’s that will transform how you show up from that moment onward.

We’ll break for a boxed lunch and an early dinner and take a sunset walk to the beach to ground ourselves and wash away the energy of the day.

The evening will conclude with declaring your Cored Desired Feelings and celebrating a weekend well spent!


Sunday October 27th

Depart 10:00 am

This last morning is a gift to you. Use it to fill your tank and indulge in self-care. After breakfast connect with one another, enjoy a morning beach walk, finish your manifestation board or your succulent garden, or add your last entry to your journal recording your experiences and Ah-Ha Moments.

What you will walk away with after spending the weekend at a WomanUp Retreat:

  • Connecting with and declaring your Core Desired Feelings facilitated through a group Desire Map workshop.

  • Clarity on how CDF’s drive the motivation that propels you towards your Big Dream Goals and the tools to create your own personalized Roadmap.

  • A manifestation board that is in total and complete alignment with the vision of your future.

  • A pretty badass Swag Bag filled with some pretty sweet goodies!

  • Friendship + Community. Having a network of empowered women supporting you, holding you accountable, and reminding you of your worth is invaluable as you take on making your dreams and goals a priority.

  • A little bit of wine knowledge + nourished souls + happy hearts.



  • This WomanUp Retreat is 21+ and cannabis + wine friendly. You are absolutely invited to attend the retreat and not partake in wine or cannabis, but you don’t get to judge those who do!

  • You are responsible for providing transportation to and from the retreat location and any travel you plan on doing while at the retreat. If you are flying in and need assistance with a rental car or coordinating a ride-share, please reach out and let me know. I am happy to help you get those details arranged.

  • In order to keep the cost of the WomanUp Retreat affordable it is extremely likely that you will be sharing a bedroom, and even more likely that that bedroom will only have one Queen/King bed. You will need to be comfortable sharing your sleeping space! If you are coming with a friend, make sure to let me know so I put you in the same room.

  • Restoring balance to your body + mind + soul is at the foundation of a WomanUp Retreat. There will be ample time allotted for you to indulge in self-care and recharge your energy. We will spend Saturday as a group sharing and connecting during the Desire Map workshop. You are never expected to share, but your participation in the group brings experiences and energy that collectively allows growth and learning in the group as a whole. Please arrive with that mindset engaged.