You feel confident AF standing up for your own
opinions and what you believe is right.

You aren’t afraid to be an individual and
zigging when the crowd zags.

You don’t compromise or dim your individuality, personality or opinion for anyone else.

You know exactly who you are
and you live in accordance with yourself,
every single day


It’s time to say "see ya" to the bullshit stories you tell yourself
about who you think you are.

And hey-o! to becoming the badass you were always meant to be.


Hey Gorgeous Rebel Woman

Let’s get right to it. You’ve done a lot of shit to “fix” yourself.

You’ve listened to #alltheinspirationalpodcasts
You’ve signed up for the webinars.
You’ve popped the Xanax, doubled up on the 5HTP,
and have various oils diffusing in every room.

NOT TO MENTION... So. Many. Self. Help. Books.

You’ve even Googled ALL the buzzwords:
“Authenticity”, Passion, Co-Dependency, Addiction,
Shame, Vulnerability, Personal Growth, How To Make
A Bloody Mary (and probably that last one MORE than once).

And while you might’ve felt a quick win (or a hit of “OMG YES!”)
after one particularly inspiring podcast episode or after re-reading
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck for the fifth time...
You know why none of it really stuck?

Why none of it has led to the deep, lasting change you really want? Because things like podcasts, webinars and books only work ON THE SURFACE.

They let us feel like we’re doing something (“Yay! I’m listening to something
that’s gonna change my life!”) but they don’t require active engagement
where the work actually happens: in the soul.
(Drugs, supplements, and oils don't penetrate the Soul, either.)

Living a rebel life requires DOING the WORK.

The SOUL work.

Which also happens to be the HARD work.
That’s why so many of us humans avoid it.

Because hard things are hard.

And who wants to do hard things?

I'm ready for it to be easier!

Soooo ....

I created The Rebel Woman Program to make doing the hard work of becoming the badass you truly are meant to be,
just a little bit easier.

The Rebel Woman Program is a 3-month, one-on-one coaching program that teaches you all the basic foundations and mindset shifts you need to make to build a life that’s true-to-you and your own desires, needs & dreams.

Each session is loaded with goodness, and I will walk you through
everything you need to know to create a SUPER solid foundation
to build your most authentic life. And by authentic, I mean aligned to who you truly are – not who you’ve conditioned yourself to believe you are.

 All the shit you’ve been avoiding, but know you need to face. Personal accountability, gratitude, authenticity, excuses, fear, and boundaries. Ooh, boundaries!

This program will help you (finally) push past the excuses you’ve been using to avoid seeing where you’re living out of alignment, and give you tools you need to make MASSIVE shifts in how you view yourself and live your life.

designed to teach you the fundamental life tools you need. There will also be WORKSHEETS for you to do between calls, and email support during the entire process .


This is the permission you’ve been waiting for!

It’s your opportunity to be “selfish,” (although it’s NOT actually selfish at all!), to put your own oxygen mask on first and
to look deep into your world to discover:

 “Who is REALLY inside of you?”
“Who do you REALLY want to be?”
“And how do you REALLY want to feel?”

Here’s what your sexy ass is gonna learn to find the answers:

    We are going to tap into the immense power of singular words. Every single word is its own universe. Words have never mattered more than they do here. 
    Next up is checking in with each of your five Life Areas. Here, we get clear on where you have balance in your world and where you are depleted, and what you need to do to find a place of homeostasis.
    Wanna know how to motivate yourself even when everything sucks? It's all about the voices in your head.
  • FEAR: We get down and dirty with the number one killer of ALL rebel lives: FEAR. Learn how to tell it to fuck off, for good.
    What lies are YOU telling yourself–and how can you STOP for good?
  • BOUNDARIES: Boundaries are beautiful, but they’re not easy. Learn how and why to set solid boundaries with everyone in your life (including yourself!)
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Personal accountability (aka owning your shit) is huge. And it’s the number one key to solid “soul” growth. I'll teach you all my secrets for owning your shit so you can start growing!
    Finally, we top it all off with the easier (and sweetest) 
    REBEL tool in the kit. Because you’ll never get more of what you want, unless you genuinely appreciate what you already have.

You'll finally feel:

EMPOWERED to make choices (and stand by those choices–everyone else be damned!)

CONFIDENT knowing that your so-called faults are actually assets (you’ll discover why during the program).

PASSIONATE. Imagine feeling EXCITED about life again? Inspired?
Turned on? 

FOCUSED and DETERMINED to continue to explore your authentic self and grow into who you truly are meant to be,  LOADED UP with ALL the emotional, spiritual and practical tools you need to deal with your own shit, day after day


Of COURSE you are!

3 Monthly Payments of $625

HECK YES! I'M IN!! >>>

"You are such a powerful catalyst in my life!! I certainly wouldn't be doing all this without your guidance and kicks in my procrastinating, anxious ASS!! Love you for eternity, you are a PRICELESS Woman!"

Arielle Hattori McKee Hattori Holistic Nutrition and Wellness

"Stacey has a gift. She is an amazing listener and truly understands what it means to be a woman in this complex world. She is not an advice giver. She shows up where I need her to meet me. Guiding me with her huge heart and ability to hold me accountable for what I want in my life with a ton of love."

Michelle Ramos

"I would most definitely recommend Stacey to anyone in a life altering, changing, or stalling position. Stacey was kind when I needed kindness, and honest when I needed the truth. Many don't want to hear the honest truth about solutions or the positions they are in in their lives (myself included), but that was an essential part of my process. Stacey’s coaching transformed my life. She follows through, follows up, and genuinely cares about her clients all the way through their transformations. "

Andria Ewing


I’m Stacey Sarenity (obviously) and I’m so stoked you’ve read this far. Because I’m like 99.9% sure it means you’re seriously thinking about making a major step forward in your life.

Listen, I’ve been teaching and living these principles since 2010.

The Rebel Woman Program is exactly how I created my foundation for a life that I actually enjoy.

A life that feels like MINE, that inspires me to keep kicking ass no matter what obstacles the Universe throws my way.

Everything packed inside this badass program played a hand in getting me off the hot mess express and turning me into the confident woman I am today.

The woman who:
Runs her own business (and isn’t afraid to work hard for her own $$$)
Knows she can rely on herself unconditionally
Takes personal responsibility for everything (and appreciates it ALL–the good, bad and the ugly) Is a badass mother, friend and founder of the most inspiring, hilarious, kickass Facebook tribe ever!


For years, I made excuses for others’ bad behavior (including my addicted, ex-husband who drove me into crazy codependent land).

For years, I felt ZERO inspiration for my life, my work or my, well, anything.

Contrast that to today….where I literally can’t sleep some nights because I’m buzzing with so much energy and excitement (alright...and a little caffeine). Talk about transformation. And I credit it ALL to what I teach in this program. took me quite a few years to piecemeal this shit together.

So? I created this program to give you everything in one place, facilitated by personal experiences and knowledge. (And while I’m weary about ‘shortcuts’ when it comes to soul work, I DO know the value of having #allthethings in one place.)

If you’re looking to do SOMETHING (oh god ANYTHING) to crank up the badassery and radical rebellion in your life... If you don’t know where to begin–or what’s lacking–or why you still feel like your life isn’t quite your own... And if you’re for real about doing the work to get the results… C’mon in, you kickass human, you. It’s time to LIVE YOUR REBEL LIFE.



1. What days are the coaching calls held on? 
All calls are booked on Thursdays. It's recommended that you book 3 calls at a time so that you secure a time that works for you. If you do not see a time on the calendar that fits your schedule, feel free to email me @ [email protected]

2. It’s too much of a financial commitment for me at this time.

I totally get it! It’s hard to justify dropping a chunk of money on yourself, especially when those funds can be applied to family. But, here’s the deal: When you make a financial commitment to yourself, you are much more apt to follow through with that commitment. The value is not measured in dollars, but by how much your life is transformed by the experience. And those types of experiences are priceless.

If you are interested, but holding back because of finances, please reach out to me @ [email protected]

3. How do I know if this is right for me?
This is right for you if you’re looking to feel more alive, more inspired & more excited about your life. And if self-exploration doesn’t tweak you out but rather turns you on, all the better. I do suggest that you have basic experience with personal growth work.

4. I’ve dropped a pretty penny on courses and programs in the past, and I didn’t get anything from it. How is your program different? 

My program might not be different in the way that it delivers content, or even in the content it delivers, but I do know that I have a voice specific to Me, and if you resonate with my language, and experiences, then you will understand, and connect with, the information that I teach you.
I would also hope that you are a different person than you were when you purchased those other programs, a person who is ready to absorb the information, and take action to make change.

5. How much of a time commitment are we talking about here? I’m pretty busy these days.

We ALL are, and that’s why I created this program in the first place! To focus on your mindset and the internal junk that needs to be acknowledged and purged. Other than the 60 minutes or so that our call runs, the assignments are meant to get you inside your head, not sit at a desk and fill out questions. And since you take your head everywhere you go, you can actively be ‘doing the work’ anywhere! Realistically, I would set aside an additional 60-90 minutes a week, in addition to our call. 

6. What if I have more questions?
Feel free to email me at any time! [email protected]



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