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Stacey Sarenity, Life Strategist

I fancy myself a skillful strategy artisan + professional strategy purveyor; working with women who are ready to live their one precious life outside of society’s ‘box’.

I am an ICA Certified Professional Life Coach as well as a Facilitator for the Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions. 

During the last eight years, I have worked with women teaching the principles of a growth mindset, introducing the power of manifesting and goal setting, and passionately working alongside clients implementing systems and organization into their daily lives. 

I am patient and understanding that everyone's process is unique, but I don't accept bullshit excuses or lack of accountability. I know that you have what it takes to be independent and successful and I know that you will find all the support that you need right here in the WomanUp community to live your best life and achieve your Big Dream Goals!


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