Q: Do clarity calls expire?

A: Yes, they do. Clarity Calls expire at the end of your package term. 30-Day WomanUp, Life Strategies program: You have thirty (30) days to book and show-up on your two (2) 60-minute Clarity Calls. 90-Day WomanUp, Life Strategies program: You have ninety (90) days to book and show-up on your six (6) 60-minute Clarity Calls. Strategy Roadmap, Clarity Call: You’ll book your call at the time of purchase.

Q: Can i reschedule my calls if a conflict arises?

A: Shit happens and accommodations need to be made. I get it. But let’s just try really hard to honor and respect each other’s time and make sure to schedule calls during times that won’t conflict with our attention or focus. All calls will need to be scheduled and completed within the terms of your package.

Q: I have no fucking clue what my goals are? But i am desperate to connect to them!

A: Every soul on this planet has a grand purpose that needs energy, action, accountability to come to life. Your soul is starving for the nourishment and energy that a grand purpose provides! I strongly suggest committing to the 90-day WomanUp, Life Strategies program. That time will allow us to explore new mindsets and start taking action when new opportunities and lessons show up. We can get a lot done on a 60-minute Strategy Roadmap, Clarity Call if you are wanting to dip your toe into the process before fully committing.

Q: What kind of clients do you work with?

A: I work with the gutsy woman in transition, the one who is navigating through a quarter-life crisis. I work with the woman who is craving more from her relationship with herself, with her body, and with her mind, and who is exhausted from existing in stagnant energy. I work with the entrepreneur who struggles with self-doubt and a sabotaging mindset, and the women who are stepping out on their own for the first time and lack a solid foundation from which to launch from. I work with women who are like you. Who are ready to take action.