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5 Ways to Kick Funk to the Curb

Jan 08, 2018

Being in a funk sucks!

It’s that feeling of being burnt-out, stressed out, and being in an all-around shitty mood.

You feel down in the dumps, listless, unable to motivate, and you don’t really care about much.

I have noticed, from working with a lot of women on personal goal setting, that often times, after reaching a goal, a funk-vibe will start to settle in. You would think after reaching a milestone and accomplishing a goal, there would be a bunch of happy-faced selfies, and dancing the night away… But that’s not always the case.

After reaching your goal, you are left with a feeling of ‘now what’?

That’s why having a bigger picture and a system in place, to check back in with after reaching your goal, is so important. 

Here are 5 ways to kick funk's ass:

  • This one is a no-brainer. Get your butt moving. Go for a daily walk. Hit the gym. Get on your bike. Take a class or practice yoga. Exercise is a healthy distraction from the...
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