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Boundaries Are Kinda' My Jam

Jan 23, 2018

If there is one segment of my life that I am kicking ass in, and 100% confident in owning my shit about, it would be boundaries. 

For the last six years I have consciously worked on creating boundaries to keep myself, and my children, safe from expectations and judgment. Both of which can wreak havoc on you, especially if you are broken and fragile. 

As a recovering co-dependent, I know what it feels like to live for someone else's happiness. I know how heavy of a burden it is to show up every single day feeling as though you are failing your life, their life, and probably your kid's neglected hamster's life as well. 

When you exist within other's expectations, you are constantly changing your mask to match the outside world. And eventually, you forget to take the masks off (because it's just easier...) and your light begins to fade beneath the layers and layers of the facade.

And because it is some damn hard work removing those layers and layers of masks, many...

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My Top 20 Favorite Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

Jan 15, 2018

I love, love, love motivational and inspiring quotes!

I have 8 Pinterest boards dedicated to quotes and positive sayings! I print them up and tape them in places where I can see them daily. Some I turn into a personal mantra and repeat when I am feeling less than positive.

It’s like reading the most important and magical parts of self help books in just a few sentences!

Check out a few of my favorite quotes <3

“Ah yes, the past can hurt you. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or, learn from it.”
Rafiki, The Lion King

“I think it’s healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not defined by another person.”
Oscar Wilde

“The women whom I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because shit worked out. They got that way because shit went wrong, and they handled it. They handled it in a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it. Those women are my...

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5 Ways to Kick Funk to the Curb

Jan 08, 2018

Being in a funk sucks!

It’s that feeling of being burnt-out, stressed out, and being in an all-around shitty mood.

You feel down in the dumps, listless, unable to motivate, and you don’t really care about much.

I have noticed, from working with a lot of women on personal goal setting, that often times, after reaching a goal, a funk-vibe will start to settle in. You would think after reaching a milestone and accomplishing a goal, there would be a bunch of happy-faced selfies, and dancing the night away… But that’s not always the case.

After reaching your goal, you are left with a feeling of ‘now what’?

That’s why having a bigger picture and a system in place, to check back in with after reaching your goal, is so important. 

Here are 5 ways to kick funk's ass:

  • This one is a no-brainer. Get your butt moving. Go for a daily walk. Hit the gym. Get on your bike. Take a class or practice yoga. Exercise is a healthy distraction from the...
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2018: Time To Refuel

Jan 01, 2018

At this moment, two years ago, I was sitting at my desk, after a two-week holiday break, staring at my computer screen and having a conversation with myself about what my future was going to look like for myself and my family.

I decided that I was going to put my trust into the Universe, and have faith that the previous five years of creating and building a foundation would payoff. I launched a 'secret' Facebook group that day, and my years of hard work paid off. Huge. 

I have become acutely aware of just how important a strong foundation is to survive hardships, setbacks, heartbreaks, and successes.

In 2014, I found myself at a place in my divorce where I was finally able to focus on me. I was done with the binge-drinking, diet-pill-popping lifestyle that I was living as a newly single woman. I started to practice yoga, went to Barre classes five days a week (sometimes 2x a day), did thousands of sets of stairs, drank my daily quota of water, and my sleep schedule...

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From The Ashes, There Is Growth. Part Three of Three

Nov 07, 2017

Have you ever experienced a period in your life when survival was the only option?

An existence when your body was fueled by adrenaline, fear, and the unknown. And every breath you took felt like warm cement building walls around your lungs. 

That was my world in the middle part of 2015. 

{It's kind of a significant part of my story, so take a moment to jump back to Shit Hits The Fan. Part Two of Three and get caught up.} 

To say that life was a clusterfuck would be too kind. We were a fucking mess. The kids and I were spiraling down into a deep, dark place and someone needed to save us. It was during one of those nights when we were all sleeping (there was very little sleep) in my bed together, to protect each other from nightmares and drowning in our tears, that I had a moment of clarity, and realized that it was up to me to save us.  

If I wanted to take back power and control, then I was going to need to start taking some action....

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Shit Hits The Fan. Part Two of Three

Nov 06, 2017


Let's just get right into the good stuff. If you missed part one, you may want to take a moment and start there. Hey! Nice To Meet You! Part One of Three

Quick recap: 

18 months after he left, our 8 year old daughter was diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic. 

One year after that diagnosis, my ex would be in a full-blown, downward-spiral fed by addiction, mental illness, and a violent relationship.

Two years after that, he would be laying in a coma, with a tube coming out of his skull, handcuffed to a hospital bed, with an armed guard outside the front door. 

His girlfriend would be dead from stab wounds he inflicted in a drug-induced rage. 

The following year, I would be holding my Dad's hand as he took his last breath.

I know, right?! Like what-the-serious-fuck? But stick with me, everything turns out for the best. Even for the ex. 

Once I wrapped my head around my new, single life, I embraced that status with gusto and passion! And vodka, diet...

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Hey! Nice To Meet You! Part One of Three

Nov 05, 2017

During three separate conversations that I have had this past week, with women who have been hanging out with me on the World Wide Web for some time, it was brought to my attention that they didn't know much more about me other than who I present myself as today. WHAT?!

So here, let me give you the short version:

My name is Stacey Sarenity and I prefer the ocean to the mountains. Car rides to plane trips, and dark, dingy dive bars are my idea of a good time. I'm a full-time mama to two rad kids, 12.5 and 15, and we share our home, beds, and couch with two big-ass pits who are pathetically lazy. The dogs. Not the kids. I also excel at parallel parking. Among other things.*

*Copy/pasted from my online dating app. Which I should probably get back on and start swiping. Because clearly these men aren't just showing up at my front door all on their own. (Which would actually be rather stalkerish.)

I'm hoping that my first impression hasn't scared you off. And if it hasn't, then I'm...

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New Moon Energy and Half-Birthday Vibes

Oct 18, 2017

I've spent the last two weeks, or so, committing to a mindset shift. And the energy that is transpiring is something fierce!!

I'm not educated enough on astronomy and lunar phases to know why I am feeling the vibe that I am feeling, but I am aware enough to know that energy is shifting and I want to tap into that power. So, my plan today was to research what was going on in the Universe, and the moon and planets, and see how I could get in on the flow. And wouldn't you know, this morning I open my email and receive the most amazing email/blog from a totally groovy, woo-woo Goddess that I follow! You can check out Brittney Carmichael's HOW TO PERFORM A NEW MOON MANIFESTING RITUAL blog here. It is loaded with everything you need to know about the new moon that is happening tomorrow, Thursday the 19th. Seriously, check it out.

Now back to this current mindset shift that I am stepping into... 

This Friday, the 20th, will be my 'Half Birthday'. (Yes, I...

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Praying For Vegas

Oct 02, 2017

My heart is broken. 

The tragedy in Las Vegas last night is devastating and senseless. I am at a total loss as to why attacks like this happen, and how someone could be so capable of taking human lives. I can ask the question "why" all day long, and I am not sure that an answer will ever exist. 

Once the personal stories of the victims of the shooting start to emerge in the media, and the surreal feeling becomes a reality, I know our country will come together. The hate and the violence will be suffocated by support, compassion, and the love that we have for one another. 

Donate. Volunteer. Pray. 

United Blood Services

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Canada Goals

Aug 08, 2017

The start of this school year is a huge milestone in our home. The obvious reason is that I will have a freshman and a 6th grader. WHAAAT!? #shockedandsobbing

I seriously don't know how that happened.

Last year I was school shopping for leggings at Target, and socks from Costco. This year I dropped $75 on UNDERWEAR at Victoria Secret, and paid $12 for ONE pair of damn socks from Nike!! (As I am typing this, I realize that the underwear that I am currently wearing, are as old as my 6th grader.)

But there is another reason why this school year is a big deal. It means that this time next year, we will be in full-on planning mode for our Big Dream Goal of taking a 3-month road trip across Canada! Sounds awesome, right?! #duh

Let me fill you in on what it has taken to get to this point, where a 3-month road trip across the second largest country in the world (as a single mother #godhelpme) is actually going to manifest. 

This has been our family goal for just about two...

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