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How To Big Dream Goal

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2018

How To Big Dream Goal

  1. Dream Big! You are going to be putting in a lot of work, and using a lot of energy to manifest the life you are dreaming of so you might as well go balls to the wall and do it big!
  2. Inspiration, Motivation, or 'Fuck you. Watch me.' (or a combination of all three). Whatever your 'why' is, you need to connect with it so deeply that you feel the electricity pulsate through your body whenever you think about your goal. That's the energy that will sustain you through the journey.  
  3. Clarity. Get clear, get organized, create your to-do list, and implement a strategy that will ensure your success. When do you want this goal to become a reality? What are the potential roadblocks that could deter you? What do you need to accomplish, to learn, to build to give you a solid foundation to dream from? Write these steps out individually and commit to each and every one of them. 
  4. Declare your Big Dream Goal! Tell anyone and everyone what your Big Dream Goal is. When you speak your goal out loud you are putting that energy out into the Universe to be heard. You are also actively shifting your mindset and creating the belief that your dream can #andwill manifest into your reality. (It also holds you accountable.) 
  5. Action, Baby! Set that beautiful mind to 'GO!' and feed it a steady diet of ass-kicking mantras, heavy doses of self-love, and nurture it with golden rays of gratitude. 

I'm a gal who loves efficiency and I crave organization, so here are a few tools and resources that I have been using to help me create a budget, save money and track my finances.


  • Quickbooks is a must especially if you are running your own business. There are virtual assistants (VA's) that you can hire to set you up or check out YouTube tutorials. 
  • Remember those 'gurus' I mentioned in this blog, here is the Money Mindset Guru you need in your inbox. The Lucky Bitch, Denise Duffield-Thomas knows her shit. And she has the best app for tracking abundance (just as important as actual dollars in your pocket)! 
  • My email inbox changes when my goals and needs change. Right now I am all about the dolla', so my inbox is all things money related. The Daily Worth, hands down, has the most informative website/emails. It was created by a young woman with the goal of educating women about finances and investing and she does an excellent job of empowering women to feel confident about their money.
  • Apps are your 'real time' connection to what your money is doing today (or like this week). Download your bank app, credit card apps (you must get Credit Karma), utility apps, cell phone app, investment apps, ALL THE APPS!! And use them! Did you come across an extra $20 this week? Make an extra payment! Not sure when your next payment is due? GO CHECK! I'm motivated by visual cues, so when I see my credit card balance decrease or my credit score increase, I feel like I just got a gold star for coloring within the lines! 

I'm not going to lie, now that I have systems in place and I have made my finances a conscious priority, this whole 'getting out of debt and building a nest egg' is actually pretty fun! Ok. Maybe not exactly 'fun', I do miss my Happy Hours, but it is fun knowing that I am working towards a Big Dream Goal and that goal is so close to becoming a reality. 

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