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Did You Wake Up Ready?

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2018

Wanna’ know what’s better than a strong cup of gas station coffee?! Waking up the day after attending a conference led by a motivational speaker who speaks your same ‘living life with intention and purpose’ language!

Last night one of my besties invited me and my daughter to attend a theatre showing of Rachel Hollis’ Rise conference that was held live last April. (Check out the Rise Tour calendar and see if there is a local theatre showing the documentary. I highly suggest checking it out.) I had never heard of Rachel Hollis or her Rise movement until this event and I was excited to absorb some fresh personal development energy and even more stoked to have my daughter be a part of it as well!

My daughter is no stranger to personal development and female empowerment. She has been immersed in that culture through my own connections with women and community as well as having her aunt, my sister, empowering women through photography. (Have you checked out The Red Light Shoppe?! Do it. And then book your shoot.)

After we left I was having a convo with her about her takeaway:

Me: Her (Rachel Hollis) husband looks like he must work in the entertainment industry.

Daughter: Yeah. A big-wig at Pixar. He cheated on her and used to be an alcoholic so that’s why she started this business.

Me: WHAT? Did you Google that info?! (Seriously shocked by this revelation that I somehow missed during the documentary.)

Daughter: No. That’s just what I took away from the whole thing.

So… clearly she and I had different experiences.

There was a hint that he might work with Pixar/movies and Rachel did mention something about getting a better handle on drinking, although I thought she was speaking of her own experiences with alcohol and the mention of marital issues was just general and not specific to cheating. Interesting that my daughter took all of that content and created her own reality of their situation and most of the fault was on the man. 🤔  I’m going to need to add that to the topics to bring up at her future therapy appointments.

Anyways, I’m going to share my experience with Rachel Hollis and her Rise conference.

Right from the opening scene I instantly connected to Rachel’s message and was grateful there was a woman using her personal development platform to articulate living a life with intention and purpose. I have found that it’s often difficult for me to express why I am so committed to living this life with zero regrets or apologies and Rachel did it with authority and grace.

This woman is all about Big Dream Goals. 🙌🏼 She preaches #literally on the importance of having a goal that is specific and personal to you. She outlines the same roadmap that I have used myself to move ahead with my own Big Dream Goals, which is to lock in on that goal and work backward creating smaller action tasks along the way when you find yourself in new, uncharted territory. (Never remain stagnant or stuck just because you don’t have the next immediate step laid out in front of you.) ‘Massive Action’ is her mantra and let me tell you, once that mantra becomes ingrained into your psyche you will be forever changed for the better. #trustme

She has a Tribe! YES a TRIBE!! This is a woman who understands the power of community and knows without a doubt that women are capable of creating insane growth and change when they are supported and encouraged to go after everything they desire and deserve. Personal accountability is a huge piece of her overall message and you must own your goal if you are going to slay your goal!

“Someone else doesn’t get to tell you who you can be!”


I knew going into this event that I wasn’t necessarily going to be taking away a whole new mindset about how I live my life and go after my goals. I have been on this personal growth, self-help journey for almost 8 years and I have done a lot of learning and doing the work. My intentions going last night was to see how Rachel took her online connection to her community, her Tribe, and brought it out into the Real World where she is now creating authentic real-life connections with women. THIS is what I want for my Tribe.

And all I can say is that she did not disappoint when it came to sharing her personal journey to the stage. It was inspiring to watch a woman build her company from the ground up and grow her empire all on her own through trial and error. Rachel is extremely business savvy and watching her take the same road that I am currently traveling on has encouraged me to continue to grow my own Tribe and keep on building those connections and relationships that will one day support me and my goals for community, connection, and growth.

The sign of a successful gathering where empowerment is the key message being delivered is when those in attendance wake up (literally and figuratively) ready to take massive action and start making the shifts in their personal lives to align with their purpose.

Today I woke up ready.  

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