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No Excuses Allowed When Manifesting Big Dream Goals

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2018

I'm currently in year three of a 5-year goal cycle. The kid's and I are manifesting massive travel plans starting in 2019, and it is so exciting to see things coming together! It's also scary as f*ck because it means things are really coming together!!

We dreamed BIG and we dreamed crazy and we are packing up our bags and chasing our dreams across Canada! Well, not this year. I have a few things I need to do to make this dream a reality and to make it a dream worth living, because I sure as hell don't want to be stuck in a metal box on wheels with two 'bored' teenagers, stressing out about finances, and constantly looking for the end of the road. 

I want to enjoy the experience, make memories with my children, and explore new worlds. 

I have already accomplished two huge tasks that needed to be done to create the foundation for this entire dream to work. In order to be on the road for three months at a time, I have to be able to make an income, and the only #smart way to do that is to have an online business. 

It's not so easy to 'have an online business'.

Year One I spent every waking moment of my day, every free hour of my weekends, and every ounce of my brain learning anything and everything I could about running a successful online mentoring business. I learned the language, I learned the systems, I learned who the 'gurus' were in technology, copywriting, marketing, design, business... there is a guru for everything, and I learned how to do it all on my own so I wouldn't have to rely on someone else to do it for me. (And I didn't exactly have the funds to pay anyone to do it for me anyways.) 

Year Two was the year I applied what I had learned and started taking action towards growth. I made money from my business. I put money back into my business. I hired my own coaches and invested in programs that taught me new tools and gave me the confidence to teach others. It was a year of steady growth and an expected first year in business. When I recently sat down to gather my tax info for my accountant, I was actually shocked at what my income for the year was! But...

Where the F*** was all that money?!

To be real, once mortgage and bills were paid, it wasn't like I had thousands of dollars to piss away #literally #beer, and I did take a good size loss in that first year of business #coachesarentcheap, but still, something was up with my finances. And it wasn't my savings account. 

Hello Year Three! This has always been 'the year' in our Big Dream Goal plan that I was going to buckle down and get serious about my finances and have a legit budget #adulting, so I was already prepping my money mindset, but actually sticking with a budget is not enjoyable. At least at first. 

I spent January trying to recover from December, and I was failing miserably. The money came in. And the money went out. And the bills kept piling up. And I kept sinking deeper. (I absolutely understand the panic of being 'one paycheck away' from homelessness.) Something needed to change.

I refuse to work for my money.
My money needs to work for me.

In the last five weeks: 

  • I ripped off the band-aid and I looked at my finances #debt #bills. Acknowledging my financial reality was painful, it's difficult to see those numbers! But it was also very empowering. I felt like I was back in control. #iamwoman
  • I reached out to a trusted friend (who is a Quickbook Queen) to set up and manage my Quickbooks. We discussed financial goals and obligations and created a realistic budget.
  •  I canceled everything! I pulled my bank and credit card statements and was totally surprised by how many 'subscriptions' I had! I canceled the beauty box (I have enough 'full-size samples' to last me until I can fund weekly facials), Audible (how about I listen to the 12 books I have already paid for), Hulu, Netflix (these two just about killed the kids... but I am never home to watch TV, and when I am home #doingdishes someone is always binge watching some 'important' show #buhbye), and a couple of random iTune apps the kids snuck past me.
  • I also stopped 'borrowing' to 'payback' with my next check, and instead, I upped my hustle. One of my money mindset sabotaging habits is to always 'rely' on that next payday. It keeps me in a place of scarcity instead of abundance. Just this one simple shift in how I think about money has caused such a huge ripple effect in how I attract money.

Don't pull money from places that it does not yet exist, stay present and create that flow of income in the Now.

 The last couple of weeks have been a huge learning curve and a constant awareness of where my dollars are being spent unnecessarily and where my budget needs tweaking. (That grocery budget is seriously a nightmare to keep consistent!) It took a few times of the kids asking for the crap they don't need #want for them to understand how serious I am about sticking with our 5-year plan. There wasn't an ounce of guilt when I told my 14-year-old daughter that I wasn't giving her a single dollar towards the random trip to Disneyland that presented itself to her. But there was a tremendous amount of pride when she stepped up her own hustle and worked her ass off to earn every single Disney dollar all on her own. (In less than two weeks #yougogirl.)

I have managed to pay off one debt, and I am quickly catching up on the essentials. I've turned 'budgeting' into this full-on mental game I play with myself where the goal is to not spend a dollar on anything other than the bare minimum living expenses. Sadly, wine isn't a 'living expense'. It is interesting what we can convince ourselves is a 'necessity' when we aren't emotionally connected to our finances or a goal. 

This whole 5-year plan came about because my family committed to a Big Dream Goal. We acknowledged that it would take time, there would be sacrifices and we agreed the outcome would be worth the process.

If you are thinking that you are ready to go big with your own goals, I share the steps we are taking to get to where we are in the blog: How To Big Dream Goal.

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