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5 Ways to Kick Funk to the Curb

Being in a funk sucks!

It’s that feeling of being burnt-out, stressed out, and being in an all-around shitty mood.

You feel down in the dumps, listless, unable to motivate, and you don’t really care about much.

I have noticed, from working with a lot of women on personal goal setting, that often times, after reaching a goal, a funk-vibe will start to settle in. You would think after reaching a milestone and accomplishing a goal, there would be a bunch of happy-faced selfies, and dancing the night away… But that’s not always the case.

After reaching your goal, you are left with a feeling of ‘now what’?

That’s why having a bigger picture and a system in place, to check back in with after reaching your goal, is so important. 

Here are 5 ways to kick funk's ass:

  • This one is a no-brainer. Get your butt moving. Go for a daily walk. Hit the gym. Get on your bike. Take a class or practice yoga. Exercise is a healthy distraction from the overwhelming feelings of life and it releases those feel-good chemicals in your brain.
  • Purge! Purge! Purge! This is my go-to coping mechanism anytime I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or at a loss of control. All that stagnant energy that seems to surround a funk gets used up when you are purging. Plus, you get rid of a bunch of useless crap that is just sitting around collecting dust and taking up space… And that feels pretty damn good.
  • Sometimes, when your funk is a little bit too much funk for you to handle alone, you need to call in the troops. Reach out to a bestie who is brutally honest, but can deliver the truth with a whole lotta’ love. Someone who can listen without judgment, and can talk you back into your reality. Your reality where you kick ass!
  • A pretty funk is nicer to look at than a sad, drabby funk. Paint on some lips, brush on some mascara, and splash on some foo-foo scents… Make yourself purtty!! Self-care is so important to feel good about ourselves, and it’s usually the first thing we forget to do when we become overwhelmed. Even if you aren’t a makeup kinda’ gal, just taking a nice bath with some candles, bubbles, and a good book is enough to remind you that you are amazing.
  • Get in touch with your artistic side, or take your funky self out dancing! Changing up your routine and adding in some fun, creative ways to process through stress and shitty moods is an awesome option. Go listen to some live music, break out your old art supplies, or find a dance floor and dance the night away!

Funk happen. Don’t spend too much time trying to figure out the ‘why’ or attempting to avoid it 100%. When you feel yourself slipping into that funky headspace, try out a couple of these options, and get your head back in the game, and get back to taking over the world!


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