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Happy Half-Birthday To Me!

Oct 20, 2018

October 20th is my Half-Birthday and yes I celebrate it

Last year's Half-Birthday was a sweet one to acknowledge and celebrate. It was the last half of my thirties (which was a decade of massive change in my life emotional/mental/spiritual) and the kickoff to my forties, and there was a tangible flow of energy that was begging to be tapped into and utilized to it's potential and I was looking for some way to harness it.

I didn't grow up in a religious environment but I did grow up respecting religions and being open to understanding their practices, symbolism, and ceremonies and when I have felt drawn to participate I have always walked away enlightened and with a fresh mindset.

A few years into living (or was it surviving ) the Single Life #vodka #dietpils #men I needed a shift in my perspective, habits, and actions. Specifically my perspective, habits, and actions toward men.

I decided to commit to Lent. Forty days of fasting during which time I would abstain from getting naked...

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Co-Dependency and Self-Love

Oct 13, 2018

The hardest part of my marriage ending, wasn't my husband walking away, it was the empty void that I was left with. 

At first, I thought that that emptiness was from a broken heart. But, the more time that passed, and the more I realized that I may have never truly 'loved' the man I spent 15 years with, the more I sought out the source of that void. 

I tried filling the emptiness with distractions, random men, late nights, and bottles of cheap booze. And, surprisingly, I woke up every morning still feeling empty. #andhungover (I know... shocking)

If it wasn't a broken heart that I was suffering from, then what the fuck was it!? 

Here is what I came up with, with the help of a qualified therapist (which I highly recommend anyone who is even a tiny bit fucked up #everyone should seek out): The emptiness and void I was experiencing, was from the loss of the person who fed my co-dependent addiction. I was truly an addict wandering through life...

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I Nearly Settled

Oct 01, 2018

I'm still all up in my head about this and trying to figure out how I almost settled.

If you are someone who cares to know what is going on in my world then you will know my 'issues' with relationships.

I actually have stopped using 'issues' as an excuse for me not being in a relationship. I don't have issues. I am actually a really grounded broad who has her life pretty well together raising two teenagers on her own while slaying the hustle-life and learning and growing and becoming more every day. I don't have issues.

What I do have is a very strong desire not to settle. And what I don't have are excuses for not settling.

During my relationship with my ex-husband, I was completely unaware that I had chosen to settle. I was young when we met and I didn't have the experiences of life and the world to show me options outside of what I was existing in. 

When my marriage ended and I started to expand my experiences with relationships (and I started to foster a stronger...

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Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset

Sep 19, 2018

What do the voices in your head say?

Not the crazy ones, we all have learned to ignore, and accept those voices, but the loud voice that tells you that you aren't capable of happiness, success, joy, partnership, wanderlust, creativity, making a difference. 

What does it say?

More importantly, why do you listen to it? 

Maybe that voice started as a whisper when you were very young, and you had a parent who didn't see the value you brought to the family, or the talent you had that was desperate to be nourished.

Or it's an echo that you can't seem to silence. Bouncing off the hollows of your soul. A lingering reminder of the opinion of a person who never truly respected you as an equal. 

Or maybe that voice is so easy to listen to because it's always been your voice. Keeping you safe, and confined within the four walls of your self-created box.  

That voice, that fixed mindset, no matter where it originated from, will keep you in a stagnant place,...

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There Is Beauty In Walking Away

Aug 31, 2018

Walking away is not something I am good at. At all.

I will stay in a relationship way past its expiration date because I don't want the other person to feel like they have been abandoned or aren't 'good people'. (Codependent much?!)

Even though I don't feel valued, respected, honored or heard... I stay.

And I take the empowering energy that I should be feeding my own soul and I serve it to the other person on a silver platter and often times I spoon feed it to them so that they don't have to be burdened with the task themselves.

I often attract those who are too weak and insecure to show up in their world as it is and I allow them to lock into my energy flow where they are encouraged to try on vulnerability and authenticity and absorb the confidence to look at themselves in the mirror and see what I see when I look at them... the purest example of beauty and strength.

The thing is, once I commit to that vision in the mirror, I am all in!

The thing is, sometimes the other person...

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Did You Wake Up Ready?

Aug 15, 2018

Wanna’ know what’s better than a strong cup of gas station coffee?! Waking up the day after attending a conference led by a motivational speaker who speaks your same ‘living life with intention and purpose’ language!

Last night one of my besties invited me and my daughter to attend a theatre showing of Rachel Hollis’ Rise conference that was held live last April. (Check out the Rise Tour calendar and see if there is a local theatre showing the documentary. I highly suggest checking it out.) I had never heard of Rachel Hollis or her Rise movement until this event and I was excited to absorb some fresh personal development energy and even more stoked to have my daughter be a part of it as well!

My daughter is no stranger to personal development and female empowerment. She has been immersed in that culture through my own connections with women and community as well as having her aunt, my sister, empowering women through photography. (Have you checked out...

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How To Big Dream Goal

Aug 13, 2018

How To Big Dream Goal

  1. Dream Big! You are going to be putting in a lot of work, and using a lot of energy to manifest the life you are dreaming of so you might as well go balls to the wall and do it big!
  2. Inspiration, Motivation, or 'Fuck you. Watch me.' (or a combination of all three). Whatever your 'why' is, you need to connect with it so deeply that you feel the electricity pulsate through your body whenever you think about your goal. That's the energy that will sustain you through the journey.  
  3. Clarity. Get clear, get organized, create your to-do list, and implement a strategy that will ensure your success. When do you want this goal to become a reality? What are the potential roadblocks that could deter you? What do you need to accomplish, to learn, to build to give you a solid foundation to dream from? Write these steps out individually and commit to each and every one of them. 
  4. Declare your Big Dream Goal! Tell...
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The Loss of Anthony Bourdain

Jun 09, 2018

I'm sitting here trying to write down the racing thoughts in my head so that I feel like I have some semblance of control over the news that I woke up to today. 

Another human, adored by so many and loved by his family, succumbed to the heaviness that ended up ravaging his mind. 

When I first started following Anthony Bourdain, reading his books, listening to his interviews and watching his shows, I was instantly attracted to his authentic energy. He was real and raw, and his story was not edited to fit in. He took pride in his battle wounds and refused to censor himself. He lived life according to the basic rules of kindness, gratitude, and connection. We had a lot in common. 

I've had my own struggles with depression, which sadly, I think so many of us have had. And there was one cycle where I truly had a difficult time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that had always guided me towards safety in the past. I reached out for help, found a...

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No Excuses Allowed When Manifesting Big Dream Goals

Feb 21, 2018

I'm currently in year three of a 5-year goal cycle. The kid's and I are manifesting massive travel plans starting in 2019, and it is so exciting to see things coming together! It's also scary as f*ck because it means things are really coming together!!

We dreamed BIG and we dreamed crazy and we are packing up our bags and chasing our dreams across Canada! Well, not this year. I have a few things I need to do to make this dream a reality and to make it a dream worth living, because I sure as hell don't want to be stuck in a metal box on wheels with two 'bored' teenagers, stressing out about finances, and constantly looking for the end of the road. 

I want to enjoy the experience, make memories with my children, and explore new worlds. 

I have already accomplished two huge tasks that needed to be done to create the foundation for this entire dream to work. In order to be on the road for three months at a time, I have to be...

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Facebook Memories

Feb 05, 2018

Facebook has been the most consistent 'diary' of my life, and I love when FB Memories pop up! Every single day, for nearly 10 years, I have made note of my day, my thoughts, my sadness, my accomplishments, and what I ate for lunch.

Including pictures. 

Today is one of those memories that takes me back to a heartbreaking moment, and at the same time fills me with feelings of empowerment and growth. 

Three years ago, my kid's came home from being at my parent's for a few days. When they walked into the yard, they were greeted by their very own dog, a pet that they had been asking for for years! Their excitement made me smile, and at the same time, broke my heart. As they were showering our new family member, Bindi, with love and hugs and promises of cuddles in bed, I was preparing myself to shower them with the same.  

After the initial meet-and-greet was over, I sat them down and told them that their Dad was in a coma, may not survive, and if he...

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