WomanUp is a movement to educate and empower women to step into and own their visions of success, financial security, sexual desires, body confidence, and health and well-being.

Connecting through workshops + retreats + meet-ups + online forums, Educators share their professional knowledge and personal experiences with the WomanUp community. These brilliant Educators not only talk the talk, but they have walked the walk and understand the real-life struggles that come with being a woman who wants so much more from life than she is currently equipped to create.


A WomanUp event is curated with education + connection in mind. In addition to delivering the important information and content that is essential to empowerment and success, there will always be an opportunity to mingle with one another to create connections and grow your Support Tribe.

I have worked with women one-on-one as well as within a Facebook community for the last eight years. I have had the privilege of witnessing the struggles of women who have found themselves at their rock bottom and the honor of celebrating women who have worked their asses off to reach their goals and dreams.

The difference between those who drink from the Pimp Cup of Victory and those who can’t navigate through the dense fog of Why Me? is knowledge. And if one is not already equipped with the knowledge that one needs to succeed, then they must get out there and acquire it.

I’m surprised, quite frankly shocked, that many women struggle with finding the resources and support that is necessary to become independently successful, and many lack a basic foundation of understanding in areas like finances, budgeting, mindset, or physical well-being.

I’m blessed that my personal network is abundant with successful women who have prioritized education and professional experience and are willing to share their knowledge with those who have not been able to find those resources on their own, and I knew that I wanted to provide the connection between these women.

Education + Connection = My passion.


Stacey Sarenity, Life Strategist — If you ask Brandalyn what her most favorite personality trait is of her sister Stacey, she would say it is her endearing Type A personality. She would also be lying. As a passionate purveyor of strategy and growth mindset, Stacey understands that everyone has their own unique style of learning and processing information and she has a benevolent way of encouraging women to step outside of their comfort zone and commit to the goals and dreams that they desire.
She also loves her sister in spite of her sister’s utter and complete lack of scheduling and planning.

Wendy Bluhm, NMLS 876698, DRE 01269316, California BRE - Licensed Salesperson — When most little girls played "house" Wendy played "selling houses". 20 years of industry experience, with a strong foundation in real estate sales beginning in 1997, Wendy chose to become a mortgage loan officer in 2002. Serving 100s of families with their California residential financing needs, Wendy is a trusted advisor to both clients and industry peers. As a Senior Loan Officer and Branch Manager, Wendy is able to use her passion for helping others and her extensive home-buying knowledge every day and is well known for being solution minded and an "outside of the box" thinker when needed.

Aisa, Cannabis Educator, The Bud Diva — With a background in nursing and years of experience in the cannabis industry, Aisa is an invaluable resource of knowledge when it comes to all things THC and CBD. In addition to working in dispensaries educating new customers and patients on specific products to help them heal and thrive, she has used cannabis protocols herself to help manage her own mental well-being and physical health. Her welcoming personality and inability to judge your reasons for wanting to explore cannabis makes her my personal go-to cannabis educator.

Brandalyn Rexeen, Professional Photographer, The Red Light Shoppe + The Red Light Girls (RLG’s) Image Confidence Advocate, — Brandalyn is a self-taught photographer who uses her years of experience as an erotic-art model in front of the camera as a unique advantage behind the camera when working with women who struggle with body image confidence. She has curated a community of women, Red Light Girls, who support and empower one another and has done so in an organic and passionate way.
Brandalyn has had her own struggles with an eating disorder which allows her the personal insight and understanding of the mental anxiety and triggers that often accompany women who lack image confidence and the struggles that are associated with seeing yourself as beautiful and worthy.

I took in so much information. I liked the different topics we were covering. We networked after and you become more personal with the workshop speakers and then it makes it easier to approach the topic they are introducing.
— Cynthia M.
Very welcoming environment with supportive woman and valuable information for financial success. I learned so much and am looking forward to applying the things I learned to my life as well as hopefully building a network of success with the wonderful ladies I met there that night. Thank you, Stacey, for the amazing opportunity!!
— Andrea R.

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Workshop and Educator Suggestions We are always looking to add additional workshops to the WomanUp roster and we love connecting with women who are passionate about a subject and would be interested in sharing their knowledge. If you have workshop suggestions please share your ideas! And if you have a wonderful resource you would like us to connect with (or if this awesome resource is you!), please include a contact name and website/social media links if available.