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Stacey Sarenity, Life Strategist

I definitely talk a good game, but I actually have some clout when it comes to slaying goals and mastering a growth mindset. 

I am an ICA Certified Professional Life Coach as well as a Facilitator for the Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions. 

I like to call myself a skillful strategy artisan + professional strategy purveyor.

During the last eight years, I have worked with women teaching the principles of a growth mindset, introducing the power of manifesting and goal setting, and passionately working alongside clients implementing systems and organization into their daily lives. 

I have empathy running through my veins so I am patient and understanding that everyone's process is unique. But I have my Dad's grit engrained in my DNA and I don't accept bullshit excuses or lack of accountability. I know that you have what it takes to be independent and successful and I know that you will find all the support that you need right here to live your best life!


Upcoming Events


Womanup Workshops

WomanUp is a movement to educate and empower women to step into and own their visions of success, financial security, sexual desires, body confidence, and health and well-being.

Connecting through workshops, retreats, meet-ups, and online forums Educators share their professional knowledge and personal experiences with the WomanUp community.


WomanUp, Life Strategies Program

It’s time to WomanUp and acknowledge that you don’t have the tools that you need nor the time that is needed for you to navigate through the overwhelming amount of information and content that is essential for you to create a successful Strategy Roadmap to your goals.

You need support from a professional who is going to push you past your comfort zone, hold you accountable to your goals, and get you the results that you are striving for.


Strategy Roadmap, Clarity Call

A Strategy Roadmap, Clarity Call is ideal for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or stuck in their day-to-day life.

Clarity Coaching is all about purpose why you want to pursue your goal. I’ll help you identify the obstacles and self-sabotaging habits and mindset that are holding you back from getting clear and begin to help you deeply understand yourself, your values, your dreams, and the world, including any challenging situations that you are in.


Pure life. Pure power.

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